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Best Practices for Jewelry Website Design in 2024

Jan 31, 2024
Best Practices for Jewelry Website Design in 2024
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A well-designed jewelry has the power to seize people’s mind with pure beauty and elegance and so should be a jewelry website. Your business may either be online or a physical store, a well-designed website increases your chances of success and otherwise poses the risk of losing potential customers and revenue.

When it comes to designing a website for a jewelry business, people are confused about how to do it the right way. For those who know how to design and market the best jewelry designs, we will discuss the best practices in designing an attractive jewelry website for your business.

Importance of website design for jewelry businesses

A decade back, there was no need for a website to sell something, especially for jewelry sales which was traditionally happening in brick-and-mortar stores. But things are different now. Even if the customers prefer to buy jewelry at stores, they do their research and decision making online.

Customers browse through the search engines to identify the most popular designs and jewelers and locate the best storefront at their location. So, it is crucial to have a flawless website in favor of your business to reach people and bring them in. A well-designed website can represent you in the competitive online space by highlighting your brand, values, and products to potential customers. To build trust, you will witness many of your future sales happening online itself.

Responsive Website Design for Jewelry 

While thinking of an attractive and performing website, the primary need is to have a responsive website. Responsive means that your website offers optimum experience on various devices of any screen size. You do not know whether your customers access your pages from their laptop, mobile phone, tablet, or other devices. Responsive design, which was once a trend, is now a necessity. You need to get the assistance of the best jewelry website design company to achieve optimum responsiveness of your web pages.

Importance of mobile-friendly design

Thinking of responsiveness, at the first point, it means your website should be mobile-friendly. More than 50% of customers access websites on-the-go from their smartphones. If your website looks weird on a mobile screen or if it takes too long to load, you lose customer engagement. Being mobile friendly will,

  • Increase search visibility
  • Offer optimum user experience
  • Help generate more leads, and
  • Improve brand identity

Responsive UI / UX design tips for jewelry websites 2024

As you know the importance of having flawless web design by now, let us discuss some of the best practices in responsive web design for your custom jewelry design website.

1. Maintain a simple and clean layout with focus on your jewelry products

Avoid distraction while designing jewelry websites. In order to attract quality leads, make sure that you maintain a clean and simple layout with focus on your merchandise. For a jewelry store site, it is advisable to plan background colors as pale gray or ivory white. Also make sure that the navigational options are simple, texts with basic fonts, and a clutter-free experience by avoiding pop-ups, sidebars, banner ads etc.

2. Use high-resolution and inspiring product images

Make sure that the jewelry images are detailed, large, and of high resolution. A customer should focus on the product while landing on the product pages. Along with catchy images, the specifications, copy text, and buying options should be displayed, however, the image should be the highlight of product pages.

3. Call to actions

In responsive design, the call to action should be there on product pages, shopping carts, and with other crucial content. Instead of placing it the outdated ‘shop now’ or ‘contact us’, try to make it more inspirational and appealing like ‘get the trendiest design of the day for you’ etc. 

4. Easy navigation

Make sure that your website has a standard structure which makes it easier for the visitors to navigate through it. Whether you have a jewelry e-com website or product website for a physical store, your navigation and menus must be made clear and sensible. With confusing, cluttered, or tough-to-locate navigation, you may be driving your potential visitors away.

5. Number of pages and sections

You need to take time to plan and organize your site structure and share with the designers working on your project. Make sure that you include all information needed on your jewelry site and the way it should be displayed. Group pages and sections logically. Some of the most important pages and sections to arrange are;

  • About Us & Contact Us
  • Products (grouping different types of products together)
  • Support sections (FAQs, downloads, and forums)
  • Media (blogs, video / photo galleries)
  • Customer Account (shopping cart, order history)

6. Site Navigation

Even if you have excellent content, it is of no value if these are arranged poorly. People tend to abandon your jewelry site if it is difficult to navigate. Maintain a standard and consistent navigation so that your products can be easily located and bought. There should be a link to the home page and a consistent navigation bar on every page.

7. Colors, Media, and Graphics

For a jewelry website, visual elements play a critical role. Colors, images, and graphics on your web pages communicate better than the text. Maintain a consistent look and feel across the pages according to your brand elements. For jewelry sites, it is advisable to avoid too bright or loud colors. Plan ways to project your brand’s quality and trust online. 

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E-commerce Functionality in Jewelry Web Design

The future of jewelry sales is online. You need to carefully plan your e-commerce website to facilitate online sales even if you primarily focus on in-store sales for now. An e-com website design is significantly different from a general website. You need to take care of various aspects of e-com design to make it optimally functional.

Shopping cart experience

You need to offer an easy and seamless shopping cart experience to visitors. For this, it is essential to have a performing shopping cart. You can custom design the same or try to integrate plug-and-play standard shopping carts to your portal.

Secure payment gateways

Online payment is another critical element to be integrated carefully and securely into your jewelry e-com portal. Trusted and secured payment gateway has to be integrated to the portal and SSL certificate is also essential for page security.

Product Pages Design

The objective of a jewelry website design is to facilitate sales and you should use effective advertising elements to achieve the same. While designing the product page, make sure that you include informative and attractive product descriptions by following the SEO copywriting principles. Make sure to have,

  • Quick loading pages
  • Easy navigation on product page
  • Working links and quickly loading images
  • Contact options as chat, form, e-mail link provided
  • Map of your physical store, postal address, and phone number given.

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SEO Best Practices

Above all, you need to consider investing in the design or redesign of your jewelry website to make it search engine compliant. SEO compliance will help a website to rank higher on Google search results, being more visible to potential customers on various channels. SEO is an essential marketing technique jewelers must invest in. Good page loading speed, effective use of short- and long-tail SEO keywords, relevant images and alt texts are some of the SEO best practices followed.

A Successful Case Study on Jewelry Website Design

PureYou Jewelry is an esteemed brand in the diamond and jewelry industry, and collaborated with Sarvadhi Solutions to create an online jewelry website for the customers looking to purchase their luxurious products.

Their major challenges were attracting new users and engaging the existing customers by ensuring seamless user experience. Sarvadhi Solutions did comprehensive research to gain a deeper understanding of PureYou Jewelry's brand values, target audience, and industry dynamics. With this, the expert team of Sarvadhi custom designed an intuitive user interface for a seamless browsing experience with React, Node, PostgreSQL, and Cloudflare.

As a result of this collaborative effort, the diamond and jewelry e-commerce web app by Sarvadhi Solutions for PureYou brought about remarkable outcomes. It fully transformed PureYou Jewelry's online presence, delivering substantial business growth and industry recognition.


What is the purpose of a jewelry website?

A jewelry website can act as the online storefront for your jewelry business. As the modern-day customers spend time online to do their research and make purchasing decisions online, a well-designed website is essential for any jewelry business to survive.

What type of e-com website is good for online jewelry business?

Ideally, we can think of an e-com portal for online jewelry business. Along with displaying the merchandise and providing detailed information to potential buyers, a well-designed e-com platform can also facilitate online sales.

How to create a website for jewelry business?

By understanding the business objectives and requirements of the clients, website design and development experts can create a blueprint of the platform. Then by using appropriate design and development tools and techniques, web pages can be custom created, functionality can be integrated, and then host the site to make it public.

How to sell jewelry on website?

By making an e-com cart online, the sellers can display their products, product descriptions, and price on the product pages. On clicking the buy now option, buyers can be led to a secured payment gateway to finish payment and confirm purchase order on the portal itself.


We touched on a few important aspects to enhance the UI/UX part of a jewelry website. It is noted that oftentimes, website designers tend to ignore such basics and end up in adversities. Remember that the goal of any jewelry website is to ensure the website is effortlessly browsable, updated with the latest market trends, and having quality images and content to facilitate purchasing decisions. Adopt advanced design thinking practices and get the assistance of an expert jewelry website design team to get your work done.

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