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Power of Personalization

Jan 3, 2023

In the post-pandemic era now, personalized services are gaining in popularity. There are many technology tools to feed the customer-fronting teams with data and insights to offer personalized services and recommendations.

As of late, consumers are also more comfortable with businesses gathering personal data or tracking their online behavior as these are used to offer them a more personalized experience.

On the other hand, they don’t want spam, inappropriate messages, or irritating promos in terms of personalization. New-age consumers appreciate custom communication reaching to them when in need through their most desired channels.

In this blog, we will explore the importance of personalization to enhance customer experience and how businesses can change how to treat customers better.

know About Personalized services

what is personalization?

Personalization is the approach of custom tailoring services for individual consumers based on their needs and preferences. Personalization puts customers at the centerstage, making them feel honored and cared for. Personalization helps brands to build customer loyalty and convert it into better revenue.

Modes of personalization

Companies offer personalization by using historical data on interactions with customers. Inaction, personalized services can take various forms of communication in terms of support or product recommendations, such as:

  • Personalized-mails communication
  • Being displayed on customer social media handles
  • Search and Display ads
  • Video ads etc.

As per a Gartner study, customer experience is now the most important element in deriving products and services. Good customer experience, in turn, translates to personalization, and the survey data shows.

-       Between2020 and 2022, there has been a 60% decline in customers raising privacy concerns in the UK, the US, and Asia.

-       The number of people who think companies should only gather the least information necessary has decreased from 26% in 2018 to 12% in 2022.

-       About76 percent of the survey participants said they would like personalized experiences and product recommendations based on their online behavior through their preferred channels.

-       About71 percent of the survey respondents also commented that businesses should collaborate to make personalization strategies rather than expecting consumers to repeat information sharing with each.

Consumers now prefer personalized services and know that it needs more of their personal data. By leveraging this market situation, Sarvadhi focuses on offering personalized services to our clients, empowering them to offer personalized customer experiences.

Sarvadhi benefits of personalization

Let us quickly share some of the unique benefits of personalization, which Sarvadhi learned through experience.

Greater Convenience

With data analytics and big data based on the preferences of users, search history, previous purchases, and interactions with service personnel, engagement level, businesses can pinpoint the specific needs of the users. Based on the insights gained through this data, suggestions and customer support will help offer greater convenience to the end users in getting this done instantly when needed.

Increase Relevance

Personalized services help increase the relevance of businesses by tailoring the customer experience to each individual's unique needs, preferences, and behaviors. Customers feel more valued, and this Sarvadhi approach will help increase customer satisfaction by providing them with exactly what they are looking for instead of bombarding them with irrelevant information or offerings.

Enhance Trust and Confidence

Sarvadhi's experience has shown that offering personalized services can increase customer trust and confidence. Achieving this requires responsible data collection, customized recommendations, personalized communication, and more. Authenticity and sincerity are key to building trust, so businesses must continuously improve and adapt their personalization efforts. To do so, businesses must be prepared to make changes and take a customer-centric approach.

Improve Product Quality

Personalized customer services can be used to improve product quality by providing customers with tailored support and feedback. In order to do so, Sarvadhi leverages customer feedback to gain valuable insights into areas for improvement. Providing personalized training to employees and customer care professionals also helps to bring out the most in terms of personalized customer experience.

Better Problem Resolution

Personalization also ensures that customers have easy access to customer support representatives who are knowledgeable and empathetic. This way, customers feel valued and appreciated by the company. This becomes the key to better problem resolution with personalized customer service by prioritizing customer experience and ensuring that every interaction with the company feels personalized and meaningful.

Higher Customer Lifetime Value

Personalized services indeed lead to higher customer lifetime value for a business. When customers feel that a business is attentive to their needs and preferences, they are more likely to continue using that business and recommend it toothers. Personalization helps to increase loyalty, ensure a higher retention rate, greater customer advocacy, and increased revenue per customer.

Creating Lasting Customer Connections

Personalization creates a sense of trust and loyalty, which lead to long-term relationships. Businesses can improve customer satisfaction through personalized services, and that, in turn, increases brand reputation. Customers are more likely to remain loyal to a business that they feel understands and meets their needs. When businesses create lasting customer connections, customers are more likely to return for future purchases and to recommend the business to others.

The Personal Touch

Overall, Sarvadhi focuses on giving everything a personal touch which helps our clients to standout in a crowded marketplace and create a more emotional connection with their customers. Tailoring services to customer needs, providing personalized recommendations, offering personalized support, etc., are some of the most common ways we now combine the power of artificial intelligence and data analysis to ensure an optimum personalization experience.

A 10-step plan to build personalized customer experience

Here is a step-by-step action plan for businesses to offer personalized customer experience.

1. User Profiling

The primary and most crucial step of offering personalized customer experience starts with understanding customer profiles. Based on the demographic info and customer data from marketing team, user experience team may discuss and draw out the category and class of population they deal with. They may do in-depth use profiling to see their ideal user group's priorities, expectations, and limitations.

2. Vision statement

Once you know the ideal customer persona, the next step is defining a perfect vision statement as a reference point for people involved. This should always be customer-centric and ate ring to their expectations. Every rep should be aware of the vision statement and what it implies in terms of customer interactions. The vision statement acts as a guiding light for customer service.

3. Give choices to customers

Customers want to get services and recommendations through their most convenient channels. It may be through phone, social media, mail, or chat, whereas businesses need to be where customers want them to be. The key is to be presented to the needy when they are in need. It is essential to offer an omnichannel experience; if not, users may switch to your competitors who do the same.

4. Train customer-fronting staff

In personalized customer service model, the reps deal with the customer's emotions and expectations. They should get the feel of being personally cared for, and the response of your reps is critical. In a personalized experience, the very last thing consumers may want to come across is a robotic agent mechanically responding based on the script.

5. Enable self-service

Sometimes the most workable solution in offering personalized experience is self-service info for customers to help themselves. As we saw, service environment is measured based on speed and convenience now, wherein option for self-service will help customers to access what they need easily without interruption or influence of another person. Self-service marketing materials usually include but are not limited to FAQs, help videos, user guides, chatbots, etc.

6. Support on social media

This is a place where most people spend time now. Support over various social media channels offers an extra edge for brands to engage with people casually and listen to their feedback. For marketers and strategists, social channels serve as one of the key sources of information to gain insight and build personalized customer experiences.

7. CRM systems

CRM systems, i.e., customer relationship management systems, will make the service offerings more powerful. The latest CRMs offer technologies like interactive voice response and AI-based customer experience. You can access real-time data and comprehensive historical info, empowering service representatives to deliver highly personal responses.

8. Solicit customer feedback

Gathering customer feedback is an ideal way to understand customer perspectives for continuous improvement. Systematic and ongoing feedback collection modes will allow the decision-makers to think from a user perspective and offer more personalized services. Here also, a good CRM may help with automated IVR surveys, customer ratings, etc.

9. Encourage Employee feedback

Similar to customers, feedback of service reps is also crucial in ensuring a personalized customer experience. They confront your customers daily and can surely notice the changing trends, which can be effectively reflected in their service model. Any business needs to factor in its feedback and ideas to stimulate changes that can make a big difference.

10. Continuous assess personalization efforts

Whatever measures you take to be customer-centric, your customer profiles keep changing. So, it is important to continuously review their preferences and feedback through all available sources and revisit your strategies for personalized service offerings. The knowledge base for it should be kept updated, and the insights gained must be used to build more personalized customer experiences.

Get Started Your Personalized Program

To start a personalization program, businesses can form teams to brainstorm ideas, test, and learn through experiments. Technology and data analytics are important for scaling personalization.

 It's recommended to find external partners who are experts in implementing and improving personalization programs, such as Sarvadhi. This can help accelerate progress and improver results.

 Personalized services are key in today's competitive marketplace, and they can help businesses stand out and increase customer loyalty and retention. Personalization is also important for increasing revenue and profit in any business.

 Customers who feel a business is invested in its success are more likely to purchase additional products or services. By investing in personalized services, businesses can create a unique and memorable customer experience, which is key to success.


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