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Webflow Hosting Plans for Startups and Enterprises: Valuable Insights

Sep 27, 2023
Webflow Hosting Plans for Startups and Enterprises: Valuable Insights
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Webflow as a versatile website builder offers a range of hosting plans for the users. It caters to diverse needs of all, making it accessible for everyone from beginners to established enterprises. Free Plan grants full control over website design and CMS, making it perfect for newcomers, but has limitations. Premium site Plans are designed for hosting and include options like the Basic Site Plan for simpler websites, the Business Site Plan for high-traffic sites, the CMS Site Plan for content-driven websites, and the Enterprise Site Plan for custom enterprise needs. There are special Ecommerce Site Plans also catering to online businesses of various sizes and Workspace Plans for design and development teams. Webflow's pricing structure is transparent, allowing users to select plans that align with their specific goals.

Webflow's hosting is known for its speed, SEO-friendliness, and user-friendliness. With various options to choose from, Webflow's hosting is a compelling choice for individuals and businesses seeking reliable and scalable web hosting solutions. Whether you're building a personal blog or an expansive e-commerce platform, Webflow's user-centric approach and pricing structure make it an excellent choice for hosting your website and bringing your online projects to life in 2023.

Webflow is a modern and highly versatile low-code / no-code website builder which offers various options for individuals and businesses to create stunning functional websites. Even though it may have a bit of a learning curve, you can tackle it with the assistance of a good webflow development agency. Some of the standout features of Webflow include creative visuals and interactive design capabilities, making it an excellent choice for those looking to craft winning websites that break free from the traditional web templates.

Some key advantages of Webflow

One major advantage of using Webflow is its various customization options and a library of more 2,000 high-quality templates, both free and premium. Webflow sites are also designed to be fully responsive, ensuring they look great across the screens. This CMS platform also provides a wide range of typefaces, making typography customization a breeze.

Webflow features many logical and Interactive tools to streamline functions email submissions, create stunning animations, scroll-based effects, and mouse-hover interactions on your website. It also features robust autosave, backup, and version history etc., giving you peace of mind while working on your key projects.

For those looking to harness the power of SEO, Webflow offers comprehensive SEO options too. You can easily build, style, and reuse forms within the platform, making it a user-friendly choice for collecting data. Additionally, Webflow offers automatic sales tax calculations for India, US, Canada, the EU, and Australia, simplifying the process for e-commerce businesses.

Considering all these, for those who are planning to try out Webflow for their enterprise websites, let's check out the details of Webflow hosting pricing structure, different plans, and packages for 2023.

Webflow 2023 pricing overview

Webflow offers various pricing plans for different types of users. We can broadly categorize these three main plans as:

  1. Free Plan: This is a beginners’ plan which you can avail freely upon joining Webflow. It allows full control over website design and CMS. However, some features are restricted in it as getting a custom domain and having a maximum limit of two projects.
  1. Site Plans: These are web hosting plans for businesses wanting to host their sites on Webflow and utilize the CMS services. These plans come in various tiers to fit the needs of different website.
  1. Workspaces: Meant for in-house or freelance design and development teams with different plans offering access to Webflow toolboxes for collaborative work.

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The free plan lets the users take control over website design and CMS. It also offers access to more than 100 hours of free tutorials on how to build and publish websites. Unlike many other CMS platforms, Webflow’s free plan is not a trial and you can use it for as long as needed. It has limitation as being unable to get a custom domain, and sites will be published on the webflow.io extension. Also, you are limited to a maximum of two projects on a free plan.

Site Plans or hosting plans come with different tiers for different user needs. An overview as below.

1. Basic Site Plan:

It is ideal for basic sites without a content management system (CMS)

  • Pricing: $14 per month (if taken annually) or $18 per month
  • Major features include custom domain support, 50 GB bandwidth, 0 CMS items, up to 250,000 monthly unique visits, up to 500 form submissions monthly, various interactions, SEO options, and more.

2. Business Site Plan:

Suitable for high-traffic business web sites

  • Pricing: $39 per month (if taken annually) or $49 per month
  • Top features are form file upload, up to 10,000 CMS items, 400 GB bandwidth, up to 2,500 form submissions per month, 120 API requests per minute, 10 content editors, increased speed, and more.

3. CMS Site Plan:

Suitable for content-oriented websites requiring a CMS

  • Pricing: $29 per month (if taken annually) or $23 per month
  • Major features are custom domain support, up to 2,000 CMS items, 200 GB bandwidth, 1,000 form submissions per month, 120 API requests per minute, 3 content editors, various CMS features, interactions, SEO options, and more.

4. Enterprise Site Plan:

Ideal for enterprises with unique, advanced needs

  • Custom pricing as per needs, contact sales team for webflow hosting cost.
  • Offers extensive customization, no limit on collection items, unlimited form submissions, form file storage, custom API requests, dedicated support, custom SSL certificates, and more.

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5. Ecommerce Site Plans:

  1. Standard Ecom Site Plan:

The standard plan is ideal for small businesses and startups

  • Price: $29 per month (if taken annually) or $42 monthly
  • It features the addition of 500 products in your e-com portal, product fields, custom checkout, email customization, payment options, and more.
  1. Plus Ecom Site Plan:

This plan is ideal for businesses with higher trading volumes

  • Price: $74 per month (if taken annually) or $84 monthly
  • Along with all Standard plan features, Plus additional has the options for 5000 items in the e-com portal.
  1. Advanced Ecom Site Plan:

It is designed for scaling up the online businesses

  • Price: $212 per month (if taken annually) or $235 monthly
  • Offering 15,000 items in the portal, unlimited sales volume, and additional staff accounts.

6. Workspace Plans:

These Webflow hosting plans are meant for designers and developers using Webflow. There are plans for both in-house teams and agencies or freelancers.

  1. In-House Teams:

Ideal for small development or design teams

  • Price: $19 per month (if taken annually) or $28 monthly for each user.
  • IT features 3 seats, 10 un-hosted sites, code export, custom code, billing permissions, and 2 guests.
  1. Growth (for In-House Teams):

Ideal for teams with expansion plans.

  • Price: $49 per month (if taken annually) or $60 monthly for each user
  • Offering 10 seats, unlimited unhosted sites, code export, custom code, billing permissions, publishing permissions, and 2 guests.
  1. Enterprise (for In-House Teams):

Ideal for enterprise organizations

  • Custom pricing. To contact Webflow sales team for pricing.
  • Featuring unlimited seats, unlimited unhosted sites, custom code, code export, billing permissions, publishing permissions, enhanced security, customer success support, and more.

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  1. Freelancers and Agencies (Workspace Plans):

Ideal for freelancers

  • Price: $16 per month (if taken annually) or $24 monthly for each user
  • Offering 3 seats, 10 unhosted sites, full CMS access for unhosted sites, and free guest access to the Workspace.
  1. Agency:

Ideal for design / development agencies

  • Price: $35 per month (if taken annually) or $42 monthly for each user
  • Featuring 9 seats, unlimited unhosted sites, full CMS access for unhosted sites, free guest access to the Workspace, and team publishing permissions.

As we now know about Webflow hosting plans available for various purposes, let us look into an expert view on choosing the right Webflow plan.

As we can see, the starter plans are ideal for the new Webflow users who are trying to explore and learn Webflow. The basic plan is good for small marketing sites with paid hosting. CMS plan has to be chosen by the content-driven websites and business plans are ideal for high-traffic business websites. Enterprise plans are tailored for custom enterprise plans and different E-com plans are tailor made for e-com portals of varying sizes and listings. Similarly, the in-house teams, freelancers, and enterprises too can choose among core plan, growth plan, and enterprise plans to meet their purposes. Here’s a quick FAQ with expert answers on Webflow hosting.

Webflow FAQ

  • Does Webflow provide hosting?

Webflow offers hosting, and you can use Webflow design & development and hosting support through authentic webflow development service providers.

  • Is Webflow hosting good?

Webflow hosting is the best choice one can make to host a Webflow website, whether is an enterprise website or e-com site. Webflow offers various hosting plans to choose from based on the user needs.

  • Is hosting on Webflow free?

Webflow does offer free hosting as a Starter Site plan, which is great to try out Webflow. You can make use of this free basic plan without any restriction for site building. However, to unlock additional features and to get a custom domain for your site, you have to take a paid hosting package.

  • Is Webflow hosting expensive?

Webflow hosting is not expensive as it offers custom hosting plans to suit the varying needs of individuals and businesses of all kinds. You may refer to the pricing plans to have a better understanding of the Webflow hosting plans and pricing.

  • Is Webflow hosting fast?

Webflow hosting is commendably fast till date. Using the Page Speed Test of Google, a standard Webflow website has the PageSpeed Score 100 for the desktop version and rank 92 for mobile. Webflow clean code and SEO friendliness combined with good page loading speed will help optimize the performance of a business website.

  • Is Webflow good for SEO?

Webflow web development platform is built with SEO in mind. The CMS offers many SEO features compared to the conventional CMS website builders. Webflow hosting also ensures optimum page loading speed, which also is a key element of search engine performance.

  • How many sites can be hosted on Webflow?

On the free hosting plan, one can host one to two websites under (dot)webflow(dot)io domain, which is known as Free Staging. For custom domain and to avail advanced features, you have to take Paid Account plan. There are various such plans, based on which you can host many sites as per the plan under the plan.

Now you have a fair understanding of Webflow's hosting plans and pricing options, which provides a highly versatile and accessible solution for individuals and businesses to bring their websites to life. With a range of plans catering to various needs, from personal blogs to robust e-commerce ventures, Webflow's hosting services offer reliability, scalability, and powerful features. 

Whether you’re a beginner, seasoned developer, startup, or established enterprise, Webflow's user-friendly interface and transparent pricing structure make it a compelling choice for hosting your website. So, explore these plans, choose the one that suits your requirements best, and take advantage of Webflow's hosting to bring your web projects to the forefront of the digital space.


In conclusion, Webflow's latest 2023 pricing structure offers a wide range of options to accommodate all types of website hosting needs. From the basic free plan allowing unlimited exploration and learning to the premium enterprise solutions for more functions and features, Webflow offers a versatile platform for businesses, individuals, and teams to build and host unique and responsive websites. With its clean code, quick loading time, SEO-friendly features, and seamless integration of tools, Webflow stands as a compelling choice in the world of website builders, ensuring that users can create, host, and optimize their websites with ease and efficiency. Whether you're a startup or enterprise, Webflow's hosting plans cater to your specific requirements, making it an unmatchable choice for web development in 2023.

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